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Le Zoo – Historique du Zoo “The Zoo’s History”

The Bird Garden was created in 1976 on an exclusive and private initiative by a bird and nature lover. Initially 4 hectares of wasteland, today 6 hectares where the abundance of vegetation with a Mediterranean tendency generously shades the paths.
A special care has been taken for the bird’s presentation, while respecting the biotope of each species for their well-being. 3 water features, large enclosures and aviaries hidden in the garden.

June 1976: Opening of the Garden to the public, after almost a year of work development on an old farmhouse surrounded by dry fields.
1983: The park was classified as a “cultural and tourist establishment” by the Drôme prefecture.
1988: Recognized as the most important private reproduction center in France by “the National Union of Zoological Parks (SNDPZ)
1991: “Le Jardin Aux Oiseaux” expands over 2 hectares, its surface area increases up to 6 hectares, during the same year it was opening of the Tropical Greenhouse (unique in France) to the public of the for the most delicate species.
1992: Creation of a Mini-Farm for the joy of the youngest and oldest.
Easter 1995: The Garden includes in its visit 2 shows in the afternoons from April to September, a parrot show (in exercises and in flight) and a raptor show (in flight), without increasing its rates.
January 1999: The Garden is devastated by a snowstorm which crushes 50% of the vegetation and the aviaries. 3 months of closure was necessary to rebuild everything, supported by a tremendous outpouring of solidarity by the people near by and bird’s lover like ourselves.
Summer 2003: The entire population of the Park (birds and humans ...) suffers from the heat wave. No loss is to be deplored. “A Special Thanks” to the vigilance of the Animal Care Staff.
June 2005: A big change for the “Birds Garden” was made, as a new access to the Montoison road was available, plus we added a new souvenir shop at the entrance of the park and also a new restaurant opened to all customers even if you are not visiting the park. 2006: 30 years anniversary of the Birds Garden.
2008: Creation of a children playground.
2009: Creation of some new games plus arrival of the wolfdogs and zebus.
2010: We have obtained a Bronze Medal for tourism.
2011: 35 years of the ZOO and arrival of the wallabies.
2012: Creation of an outdoor aviaries for the tropical greenhouse and arrival of flamingos.
2013: Installation of an educational panels throughout the park and birth of a vulture.
2014: Installation of few inflatable games (Perfect for our children).
2015: Arrival of ARA DE BUFFON (Parrots)
2017: Creation of the contact aviary.
2019: Arrival of porcupines, meerkats and lemurs.
2019 (Summer): Presentation of Ring-tailed lemurs and Red-bellied lemurs and also creation of a new enclosure for Hermann's turtles.
2019 (Winter): The park is ravaged by a snowstorm in November and we cannot reopen until February 2020, 3 weeks before we are forced to close again due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
2020: Arival of Varis Roux. (Primate)
2021: Development of the South American aviary for small primates and turtles.

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